The popular sport of padel tennis

For the second year in a row, the “WePadel” panel tennis tournament was held in Xiamen.

As an important supporting event of the 2022 Xiamen International Fashion Week, the “WePadel” team Tennis Tour Finals will be held in Xiamen from April 25 to 27. This is the second year in a row that the event has been held in Xiamen.

Paddle tennis is a new sport that combines tennis and table tennis. In recent years, it has developed rapidly in China and become more and more popular among urbanites.

“This year’s cricket tournament is next to Xiamen International Fashion Week and showcases young people’s fashion lifestyle in different ways. There are signs that ‘sports fashion’ is becoming one of Xiamen’s local strengths, with more and more young people joining the ranks of ‘sports’.” Fashion ‘come on.” Sports fashion boot camp through Fashion Week. Nayong, head of WePadel, said the tournament will further promote cricket, help enrich the city’s sports and leisure culture, and lead more young people to create a fashionable lifestyle.

2022 Xiamen International Fashion Week will continue to upgrade major content sections such as Fashion release, Fashion GO, industry connection, Fashion City and Fashion Friday Cloud. As a major feature of this fashion Week, “Sports Fashion” brings innovative release shows and fashion sports fashion exhibitions of sports fashion pioneer brands, and actively carries out offline industry forum exchanges and niche trend sports exchange competitions to create innovative ways. Promote the interaction of online and offline cloud fashion week to reach more audiences.

Paddle tennis is a popular sport in Europe

“Plate tennis” comes from the Spanish word “Padel”, originally translated as “plate tennis” and “cage tennis”, and also translated as “wave cricket”. Finally, it was officially recognized as “paddle tennis” by the State Sports General Administration.

As a derivative of traditional tennis, the paddle tennis racket is similar to an enlarged version of a table tennis racket; the sports experience combines the characteristics of tennis, squash, badminton and other sports. The court resembles a fully enclosed badminton court; the scoring rules are exactly the same as tennis.

With its ultra-social and fashionable features, paddle tennis quickly became popular in high-end circles in Europe and America. Former AC Milan players held paddle tennis tournaments and held parties for Barcelona stars.

As a popular sport in Europe in recent years, paddle tennis has become the second largest national sport in some countries in Europe, America and South America after football.

In 2018, the Chinese Tennis Association officially promoted cricket across the country. Xiamen International Fashion Week Organizing Committee not only attracts more and more young fashion people to participate in paddle tennis events, but also promotes the development of paddle tennis in China. At the same time, it also enriches the sports and leisure culture of Xiamen to a certain extent, presenting a rich and colorful life style for the general public.

“Xiamen is a beautiful city, full of youthful energy and sports fashion. Cricket is a popular and fashionable sport, and Xiamen is very suitable for cricket. What’s more, the weather in Xiamen is ideal for long-term outdoor exercise. We have cooperated with Xiamen Fashion Week since the very beginning, and have received enthusiastic support from a large number of people in the industry, including clubs and professionals.” “Said Na Yong, head of Shanghai Management Consulting Co., the tournament’s co-organizer.

The venue for this competition is Xiamen No.1 Cricket Court, located in the atrium of Joy City, Jianfa Bay, Xiamen. Cricket fans will be using the ground for a long time.

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