padel tennis court is a very good sport

padel tennis court is a very good sport

Padel is an increasingly popular sport, which combines the elements of traditional tennis and squash. This article will introduce padel’s rules, skills and how to start practicing this sport.


The rules of plate tennis are similar to those of traditional tennis, but there are also some differences. The game uses a standard tennis court, but there are four walls around the court. The ball can bounce off the wall, but it must fall within the specified area, otherwise it will be considered out of bounds. The standard tennis is used in the competition, and it needs to serve like the traditional tennis, and the traditional scoring methods such as 15, 30, 40 and games are also used for scoring.


Padel is a high-intensity sport that requires good physical fitness and skills. Here are some tips and suggestions of padel:

1. Control the ball speed and radian. Since the ball can bounce off the wall, it is necessary to control the speed and radian of the ball so that the ball can land at the appropriate position.

2. Adapt to the rebound of the ball. The wall can make the ball’s rebound more unpredictable, so you need to adapt to the ball’s rebound and adjust your posture and position.

3. Pay attention to defense. Because the ball can bounce against the wall, the game of plate tennis is often more offensive and defensive. Therefore, we need to pay attention to defense, maintain our stability, and track the opponent’s ball as much as possible.

How to start the exercise

If you want to start practicing padel, here are some suggestions:

1. Find a padel field. Many golf courses and tennis clubs have padel courts, where you can find suitable venues.

2. Purchase appropriate equipment. You need to buy standard tennis balls and rackets suitable for padel.

3. Participate in training courses. Many tennis clubs offer padel training courses, which can help you learn the correct skills and rules.

4. Find a practice partner. Practicing with others can improve your skills and competition level.


In general, padel is a challenging and fun sport. By mastering the correct skills and rules and participating in enough exercises, you can become an excellent padel athlete.

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