How is paddle tennis different from tennis?

Padel has clearly had a brutal impact in recent years (more than tennis) What makes padel so attractive? Padel and tennis are two closely related sports in which the game is visually similar, but if you take away the scoring system which is virtually the same, the differences between padel and tennis are many


The level of difficulty. The padel is simpler and gives us more pleasure from the first moment we pick up a racquet. Tennis is more technical, requires a higher level of physical condition and presents an additional point of difficulty. In addition, you have to do several trainings and matches to be able to play at an average level.


The Rules. The score and the dynamics are almost the same. The only difference is that in padel, you play with walls and rebounds and always in pairs. Walls and rebounds can be confusing at first, but those of us who play know that, this fact gives us a better chance to respond to a complicated shot or a fall at the corner of the court.


The Game. In tennis, the game is more linear. There are counter points, ball exchanges, parallel games, etc. But the level of reaction the player needs is less than in paddle tennis, where the point is more intense because there is less distance between players. However, tennis is more physically demanding because the matches are longer and you have to score at every moment. The importance of using the whole body when hitting is more important.


Let’s go further. In paddle tennis, you have to be agile and know how to anticipate your opponent’s movements. In tennis, you have to build the point calmly and you have to have a higher level of coordination and concentration.


In many cases, it is better to cut the ball and throw it loose so that it doesn’t bounce off the wall at the end or play short and fences. The only time we will need to squeeze and make a good paddle stroke is if we want to get it out of the field or bounce it directly onto our court.


As a couple or alone. Playing with someone on the field can be a plus or a minus, it depends on each person. It is necessary to know how playing with two people works. For me, it is always more enjoyable to play with two people because you can create a bond that generates added value to what you can’t achieve alone. It should be noted at this point that there is also the possibility, but less popular, of playing doubles tennis.


Some technical aspects:


The racket changes and so do the strokes. While tennis is mainly played with a paddle lift, everything is sliced. The racket is also smaller and heavier.


In my opinion, tennis is more physically tiring and a bit less exciting than padel; but tennis is still a great sport where all the facets, psychological, technical, tactical and physical, come together; and for me it becomes a more abstract sport and a game with a lot of head.


Paddle tennis is a fun sport, which requires quick reactions and CONSTANT concentration because the game and the points go very fast. It is also more social, so that today there are many leagues, non-federal championships, championships of different categories, etc. that make the sport accessible to all audiences and for all levels.


This is why many retired tennis players, or those with a tennis background, have returned to the paddle courts. It is said, and I am sure you have heard it, that padel is the sport of frustrated tennis players; this may be true, but it gives us the opportunity to continue to move closer to a very similar, more accessible and more fun racket sport!

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