Top-Quality Covered Outdoor Padel Court by PadelCourt10

The covered outdoor padel court is the perfect combination for padel sports. This innovative venue design combines the outdoor experience with indoor comfort, ensuring you can enjoy the game in all weather conditions. It features a sturdy structure to withstand the elements and features advanced lighting and flooring to provide an ideal playing environment. Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy day, the covered outdoor padel venue provides an unforgettable padel experience.

Features of

1.Pillars: 8pcsof120*120*3mmwith6mhigh


3.Height: 6mheightforside


Technical data

Double Pvc-coated with 750g/m2 Frame

is Q235 profile with size 100×50 mm and 30*50mm


Product Details of

Underground for pillars other parts for

bolt Can match with our padel court inside