Slate tennis is a popular indoor sport, which was invented by the Royal Marina Team of England.

padel tennis is a popular indoor sport, which was invented by the Royal Marina Team of England. Its rules are similar to traditional tennis, but it is faster and more exciting than traditional tennis.

The court used in plate tennis is smaller than that of traditional tennis, and the net is lower. The length of the court is 12.8 meters and the width is 6.4 meters. The height of the tennis net is 0.9 meters, which is 10 centimeters lower than the traditional tennis net. During the game, each team has two players who use wood or carbon fiber board to swing.

In the board tennis match, each player can use the racket twice, and the ball cannot land, but must directly hit the opponent’s half court. If the ball touches any object or person after playing, or exceeds the boundary line of the court, then this point will be awarded to the opponent.

Unlike traditional tennis, there is no concept of “serve” in board tennis. Players have the opportunity to serve in each round, but they must complete it within two swings. Players can choose to serve to the opponent’s forehand or backhand, and can also choose to send out high-speed ball or slow ball. This change and uncertainty increase the tension and suspense of the game.

In board tennis, each round can last up to 30 seconds. If the match is not completed within 30 seconds, the opponent will be judged as scoring in this round. This makes the board tennis match more compact and energetic.

In short, board tennis is an exciting and challenging sport, which requires players to have the ability to react quickly and control the ball accurately. If you want to try this sport, you might as well go to the local board tennis club and join their training and competition.

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